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Root Canal Treatment in Grafton, WI

Root Canals & Endodontics

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity or swollen gums, you may need a root canal procedure. A root canal is a common procedure that can be done in just a single office visit, taking roughly the same amount of time as a filling. The goal at Kurt R. Kwiatkowski DDS, SC in Grafton is to restore your oral health. By getting a root canal, you can greatly reduce your tooth pain and restore the function of your teeth.

This video shows you how root canal therapy can save a tooth with damaged or infected nerves and restore its natural function.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure to clean out decay in the dental pulp and root of your teeth. Inside the core layer of enamel in your teeth, the pulp can sometimes become infected, inflamed, and cause severe pain. When this happens, a root canal procedure is necessary to clean out the decay. A root canal may prevent you from needing a tooth extraction, which can help you avoid costly implants. Dentists at Kurt R. Kwiatkowski DDS, SC are experienced to help patients with root canals.

Common Root Canal Symptoms

It can be hard to determine if you need a root canal or a simple cavity filling. The good news is that dental technology and visiting the dentist can help answer these questions. Our dental team is trained to identify cavities and infections in the tooth that require a root canal procedure.

If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms, it may be time to see a dentist:

  • Pain originating deep in your tooth
  • Tooth discoloration
  • A tooth that is extremely sensitive to heat or cold
  • Trouble chewing or pain when touching the tooth
  • Swollen gums

Some of these symptoms may indicate other problems as well, such as a cavity or gum disease. It’s important to schedule an appointment to prevent your symptoms from worsening.

Safe Root Canal Treatment in Grafton

After your dentist has determined that a root canal is the best option, we will begin the process of removing the infection in your tooth. Much like a cavity filling, they will numb the gums around your tooth so that you don’t feel anything during the procedure.

They remove the infected part of the tooth by drilling a hole into it until they reach the nerve and pulp. Once the inside of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected, they will fill it and seal it. Root canals can be conducted in just one office visit, and generally do not take much longer to perform than a cavity filling.

After your root canal, you shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort. Feel free to go about your normal routine and continue to exercise good oral hygiene habits.

How to Prevent a Root Canal

You can prevent the need for a root canal if you exercise good oral hygiene. There are a lot of good habits you can get into to ensure your teeth remain healthy and strong, which can greatly reduce your risk of needing a root canal:

  • Brush and floss your teeth at least twice per day (especially in the morning and night)
  • Use mouthwash that fights gingivitis
  • Avoid sugary and acidic foods that are known to cause cavities
  • See a dentist every six months for routine cleaning to prevent plaque buildup

Preserve Your Teeth and Schedule a Root Canal

Nobody likes hearing that they need a root canal. However, getting your condition treated as soon as possible is the best way to prevent worsening symptoms, as well as more serious conditions such as gum disease.

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