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What You Need to Know About Facial (Tooth) Infections

Tooth infections can be a serious condition requiring emergency dental care. In other cases, they may develop slowly over time. Whatever the case is for you, it is important to see a professional dentist when dealing with infections of the mouth, teeth and gums. Dr. Kwiatkowski treats patients in Grafton for dental-related infections. His experienced team has worked for decades helping patients improve their oral health and preserve their healthy teeth.

Your Teeth Can Become Infected

Gingivitis and gum disease are common dental infections. While these can be serious, other infections can also occur in your teeth. An abscess is a pocket of pus caused by a bacterial infection. It can cause intense pain, and if not treated, can cause severe tooth decay. Untreated tooth infections can spread to your face or other areas of your body. Seek emergency dental care so that you can start the process of reversing the infection.

Signs You Have a Facial (Tooth) Infection

  • Frequent toothache
  • Swelling or bleeding gums
  • Persistent headache
  • Itching on your skin
  • Jaw or facial pain

If you are unsure if you have an infection in your tooth, you should always consult your dentist. They will know the best treatment route and will do everything they can do preserve your healthy teeth.

Tooth Infection Treatment

It is very difficult to treat tooth infections on your own. If you have an abscess or other infection in your mouth, you should always seek a dental professional. Dentists will typically treat tooth infections by opening up and draining the abscess. In other cases, a root canal may need to be performed to eliminate the infection.

Antibiotics may also be used to treat the infection post-procedure, as well as to keep it from spreading to other areas of your face. In extreme cases, a dentist may have to perform a tooth extraction in order to eliminate an infection. However, this is often a last resort.

Treatment for Tooth Infections in Grafton

Dr. Kwiatkowski and his team have decades of experience detecting and treating tooth infections. He has professional diagnostic tools that allow us to get the full picture of the inside and outside of your teeth. On top of years of experience, he is able to treat dental emergencies quickly and safely. Our top priority is to ensure you have a pleasant experience and receive the dental care you need.

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It’s important to treat tooth and facial infections as soon as possible. If you are experiencing tooth pain or an abscess, see Dr. Kwiatkowski to learn about your options. Schedule an appointment by calling 262-377-0852 or reach our dental office online.